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Your gift will help connect young people with effective sex education, teen-friendly healthcare, and the support systems they need to grow up healthy!

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Communities have a hard time talking about sex. And yet, sexual health is a critical part of young person's overall health. For young people, accessing basic information about their bodies - as well as the healthcare and support they need to stay healthy - can be a challenge. What do we get as a result? Unplanned pregnancies; high gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV rates; and struggles with relationships, development, or their sexuality.

The good news is that there are smart, proven best practices to support young people's sexual health in age-appropriate ways. SHIFT NC works with communities to help young people grow up healthy. We do this by focusing on key strategic priorities:

  • Promoting high quality, effective sex education;
  • Helping healthcare providers become teen-friendly and promoting healthcare access;
  • Thoughtfully addressing the needs of our most vulnerable youth; and
  • Helping people have more productive conversations about sexual health.

When you give to SHIFT NC, you are supporting North Carolina young people by helping the adults in their lives and communities support a critical part of overall health: sexual health.