Young people need you right now and for what comes next image

Young people need you right now and for what comes next

Empower young people with the information, healthcare, and support they need to keep themselves safe and healthy now and in the future.

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You are more important than ever before!

In the best of times, we work to make sure young people have access to sex education, sexual and reproductive healthcare, and supportive programming - all critical services they need to grow up healthy. We're doing that same work in the worst of times, too.

Young people's worlds have been rocked by COVID-19. Schools and community agencies that traditionally provide health education have been focused on basic safety. Healthcare has been harder to access and navigate. Families have been deeply impacted by unforeseen trauma like parent/caregiver deaths and job. All of these changes mean young people need you now more than ever.

During this time, we are focused on ensuring that young people still have access to the support and services they need by helping our partners pivot to new strategies, technologies, and mechanisms for supporting young people.

We're helping health partners integrate best practices for teen-friendly healthcare into their growing use of telemedicine - and we're helping young people and families understand, navigate, and trust available services. We're elevating reliable digital resources to help young people and parents fill the sex ed gaps, acquire birth control, and find crisis support in isolation. We're advocating to make policies smarter, so they work better for young people right now and in the future.

We are all on the road to recovery together, but the future still looks uncertain for young people who don't know how to find the information, healthcare, and support they need.

Your support will help ensure that we can adapt and innovate to provide young people with the sexual health services they need now and for what comes next.