Join us this May to support adolescent sexual health in North Carolina!

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Puberty, dating, growth, development... a teen's sexual health is a part of their overall health.

Pregnancy, HIV, intimate partner violence, sexting, bullying... teen sexual health can also be a challenge when communities, schools, families, and medical providers aren't prepared to support teens.

This May, we're celebrating #31Reasons: An Investment Worth Millions. We're asking you to give $31 to support teen health - and we're asking you to encourage your friends to do the same.

Your investment can help North Carolina young people grow up healthy by giving them the education, healthcare, and support they need to be healthy, safe, and strong.

Thanks for celebrating our #31Reasons - and your own - this May!

Our #31Reasons - Share yours online and tag them #31Reasons

  1. Because we're pioneering better health for teens by incorporating all of sexual health – pregnancy, STIs & HIV, development, sexuality, relationships, and healthcare access.
  2. Because sexual health is one piece of adolescent development that gets "overlooked". We're here to help people understand that it's normal and it's important.
  3. Because we give real tools to take a trauma-informed approach to working with some of the hardest-hit youth, like youth in foster care and juvenile detention.
  4. Because sexual health is a part of overall health.
  5. Because we're creating tools like The Playbook, BrdsNBz, & Xs N Os to connect teens to the resources they need.
  6. Because it's too easy for other sexual health organizations to focus mainly on adults and other teen organizations to shy away from sexual health.
  7. Because women's learning and earning power increase drastically when they have the ability to time and prevent pregnancies.
  8. Because we help promote effective, medically accurate, shame-free messages about sex, relationships, and their bodies.
  9. Because graduation and college completion rates rise when students can thrive regardless of their parenting status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and overall health.
  10. Because we've trained hundreds of teachers to create safer schools for LGBTQ students – and we have plenty more to train.
  11. Because we started the nation's first teen-to-health-educator text service – and we've helped launch similar services across the country.
  12. Because parents need help talking about sex.
  13. Because we're training sex ed teachers to go from Awkward to Awesome.
  14. Because knowledge is power – whether you're a teen or an adult trying to help teens.
  15. Because we're the only voice at the legislature advocating solely for adolescent sexual health.
  16. Because we work at all levels – from the legislature to local administrative policies – to make sure systems actually work for teens.
  17. Because we help young people #SpeakYOUTHtoPower.
  18. Because North Carolina taxpayers spend nearly $300 million each year on costs associated with preventable teen births.
  19. Because teens need adults to approach sexual health without myths, bias, or a case of the giggles.
  20. Because teens live their lives in a framework of rules – whether it's a law, a school policy, or a family rule – and those can help or hurt teen health.
  21. Because there's so much more to sexual health policy than abortion politics.
  22. Because we train clinicians to provide an adolescent-friendly health care experience.
  23. Because we know that education is only one part of the picture – it all falls apart if a teen needs birth control but can't get an appointment or ends up getting a lecture instead of health care.
  24. Because we help doctors implement nationally recognized best practices in adolescent health care.
  25. Because we're directly educating teens on their legal right to seek confidential health care – and we're fighting to protect that law.
  26. Because surveys show that parents want teens to have access to birth control when they need it.
  27. Because we make sure there are safe places and people to turn to when parents just aren't an option
  28. Because every dollar spent on sexual health care services saves more than $7 in future spending.
  29. Because we've helped North Carolina leverage more than $40 million in federal funds to help organizations serve youth.
  30. Because we know how to improve sexual health and we're helping communities build on what works.
  31. Because we're still moving forward to help young people grow up healthy.

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